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Indian Silk House Agencies - VISCOSE

Viscose Sarees Online

Viscose known for its elasticity and soft feel is an artificial chemical based yarn. This material is used in extracting versions of many popular fabrics like Silk and Velvet. In fact Rayon, Cellophane, Art Silk an Synthetic Velvet are all obtained from Viscose. This is commonly used in making Sarees, Kurtis, Jackets, and dresses.

History and the Making

Hilaire de Chardonnet, a French scientist produced this fabric in the late 1800s. He was same person who produced artificial silk.

The process, however of making viscose is fairly complex. Wood in the form of pulp undergoes a long process of chemical baths and treatment processes. It is the reaction of wood pulp with caustic soda that gave rise to Viscose fiber. After leaving it for a few hours for it age and ripe, the viscose fabric is dissolved in caustic soda to give a viscous yellow solution. This solution later undergoes acidic treatment where cellulose is regenerated as fine strands of fiber. It is finally washed to remove any excessive acid and is extracted to manufacture various threads and by-products.

Various Uses

Rayon is the most popular fabric that is obtained out of many different textiles and clothing products. Rayon breathes like cotton and has a silky sheen and fell to it. In fact, an inexpensive and light-weight fabric like Rayon is used to making of table covers, bed sheets and furniture covers besides clothing. Rayon has a very good draping property. It is also an ideal fabric to make curtains. This fiber can be dyed very easily and does not shrink when heated. People get luxurious feeling without spending much money on rayon clothing.

Cellophane can also obtained from this fabric and kitchen wraps, clear sheets and adhesive tapes are common uses of this fabric.

Besides, the textile and fashion industry largely uses this fabric for its stability in high temperatures.

Environmental Issue

The earlier process of its production causes a lot of pollution. Although this process is still used by fe companies in creating toxic waste during its production. Some environmentally conscious manufacturers are making great efforts to ensure clean production of this fabric.

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