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Yellow Pure Tant Cotton Jamdani Worked Saree

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Pine Green Pure Tant Cotton Zari Woven Saree

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Indian Silk House Agencies - TANT

Tant Sarees Online

The Saree is not just a style statement, but it is a tradition that makes a statement about the grace and culture that it embodies. India is a conglomeration of states where each state has a different way of wearing the Saree and it differ in looks too.  Even after centuries, women still tend to rely upon sarees with great affection. And this is the reason that the garment is still desired by the women of the nation, even when the fashion industry has evolved so much. There are many types of Online Sarees found in India but there is one kind of saree which boasts of one of the most comfortable and soft fabric and starkly reflects our affluent culture. Yes, we are talking about Bengal Tant Sarees Online Shopping. The fabric of Bengal Cotton Sarees is the perfect choice for women who prefer wearing outfits which embody the main elements which are comfort and lightness. Cotton is that ideal material, which one could comfortably wear even in a climate which suffers from a humid summer. Rest assured that Ethnic Handloom Cotton Sarees Online do not cause any discomfort and the one who wears it does not have to bear the brunt of the hot weather.

Traditional Tant Sarees are well-known Bengal handloom cotton sarees, popularly worn by the Bengali women across the world. Manufactured by the weavers of Murshidabad and Hooghly district of Bengal and the Tangail district of Bangladesh, these sarees are not only light-weight in nature, but the fine texture, transparent, airy and comfortable fabric are also ideal for the hot, humid and sultry weather conditions of Bengal. With attractive borders, hand-woven traditional as well as fancy motifs, exquisite embroidery-work and sometimes exotic hand-painted tribal art, the comfortable Bengal cotton sarees online also make it a perfect daily wear.

With the starting price of these sarees being around Rs. 300, make these traditional sarees quite economical in nature.  

Apart from the Tant Cotton Sarees online, Garad, Dhakai Tant Jamdani, Baluchari sarees, Kantha Stitch, Fulia and Shantipur cotton sarees are also included in the Bengal Handloom Cotton variety.

Bengal Handloom Cotton Sarees Online Shopping takes its inspiration from Indian culture and it is definitely a takeaway from Bengal. The Handwoven Bengal Cotton Sarees Online Shopping is available in many varieties which have vibrant colours and designs. These Saris are woven by the traditional weavers which have a touch of the highly acclaimed Bengali art form. The borders of the Handicraft Bengal Cotton Sarees Online are embroidered with numerous intricate patterns motifs and also exemplify the evolving modern art some times.

Origin of Tant Cotton Sarees

The Tant Sarees of Bengal are one of the most Famous Cotton Sarees Online which are worn by the likes of women in West Bengal. The weaving of tant is also commonly known as the handloom weaving which is done by the rural artisans of Bengal. The Bengal Cotton Saree Weavers can be traced back to as far as the 15th century in the small village of Shantipur in the Nadia district of West Bengal who continued to flourish the trade during the reign of the Mughals till the 18th century. During this period, tant cotton sarees online were at the receiving end of substantial royal patronage along with the weaving of jamdani sarees and muslin sarees. While the finest muslin clothes were reserved for the royal people, these popular Bengal cotton sarees online became quite well-known among the common people. The weaving of cotton sarees flourished during the British raj and the trade saw an influx of modern weaving techniques such as the introduction of the jacquard loom which is still preferred today. It is believed that the British had tried to disrupt the art form of weaving handicraft tant sarees so as to safeguard their own cotton textile industry in Manchester which was also the cotton which they used to sell in India in higher prices. Even with so many difficulties, kudos go to the weavers who decided to settle in the districts of Hooghly, Nadia and Burdwan of West Bengal, and made the art form popular in West Bengal, and consequently pan-India. The British government tried to minimize its production to save their textile industry. At the end of the British rule, with the help many skilled weavers settled in and around Bangladesh, who continued to weave Tant cotton sarees of Bengal.

The designer Bengal cotton sarees are well-known by their wide borders and intricately decorated pallus, and are available in lots of colours and vibrant designs which have a variety of motifs based on flowers, paisleys and other artistic designs. The ethnic handloom cotton sarees online are distinguished by their breezy and transparent nature, and are the perfect clothing for the hot and humid summer.

The Weaving Process

The best weaving talents intricately weave the cotton threads to weave a beautiful Tant Cotton Saree. The borders of these sarees are a little thickly woven, keeping it safe from getting worn out. Traditionally, handlooms were used by the weavers to create these sarees, but now it has been largely replaced by power looms. A Tant Saree is 6 meter long and not 5.5 meter like the usual Saree length.

The variety in Bengal Handloom Cotton

The Soft and comfortable Bengal Handloom Cotton Sarees are known for its eye-catching geometrical or floral patterns, motifs and zari –work. The technique of weaving Jamdani , is a prominent feature of weaving Bengal handloom cotton sarees and this technique is included in every traditional handloom varieties across India such as Benarasi Saree online, Uppada cotton sarees online, Kanchi Cotton sarees, Darmavaram Cotton Sarees, etc.

There are special Tant sarees like the 6 metre long white cotton fabric instead of the conventional 5.5 metre saree, it has a wide border between 1.5 and 2.0 inches in colours of green, blue, grey and black. The Saree has a mean count of 100 (No. of threads per square inch of warp and weft). Additions of hand painting and appliqué work enhance the price of the saree slightly.

Fancy Ethnic Tant Sarees Online are safe to wear during Festivals such as Diwali because we Indians, love to burn crackers on diwali. The linen Silk Cotton sarees are the safest clothing to wear on the occasion of Diwali while you light diyas and burn crackers. We at Indian Silk House Agencies have the widest collection of excellent textile of Silk Cotton Sarees Online which are woven with by intertwining the two yarns -a cotton yarn and a silk yarn so as to make it comfortable as well as perfect for Party Wear too.


You could also wear the Gadwal Cotton Sarees Online and be different from the rest. If you are gearing up for Weddings and Festivals, let us add to your list the marvelous gadwal borders and the equally majestic pallus which you can display guilt-free and be the center of attraction at the party. Wear the Famous Silk Cotton Sarees Online and be tension free this Diwali and enjoy the festival without any worries. The khadi Silk Cotton Sarees also harbours in it an exceptional blend of the ecstasy of cotton and and the glam quotient of silk. The texture of the cotton fabric is retained with the help of the sheen of the silk fabric which makes the saree a special one for Festive Occasions.

Tant Sarees Online are even great for Casual and Office Wear. When one is dressed well, one instantly gets positive vibes which is directly imbibed from the mood-uplifter. You look more presentable and automatically it is easier to connect with your colleagues. Ladies, if you prefer wearing formal shirts and trousers or salwar suits or even kurtis and palazzos to work, we are going to add one more to your ethnic wear list, and yeah those are Handwoven Cotton Sarees Online.

Handicraft Cotton Sarees Online are not just for grandmothers. Cotton Sarees Online from Indian silk House Agencies are more than just that. With the changing fashion trends, Silk Cotton Sarees Online have evolved catering to the young and fresh minds of today. You can Buy Fancy Cotton Sarees Online in mixed dual shades rather than just plain Handloom Fancy Cotton Sarees. For special occasions and festivals alike, Indian Silk House Agencies have Bengal Cotton Sarees Online Shopping. Wear Jamdani Cotton Saree Online or Tant Bengal Cotton Saree Online depending upon the occasion. Unlike Tant Cotton Saree Online, Jamdani Sarees online have a glossier finish. Cotton sarees can be easily washed, do not require a high maintenance and even offers a sense of earthy comfort and provides an authentic Indian look.

 Buy Bengal cotton sarees online from Indian Silk House Agencies

The Indian Silk House Agencies displays an entire range of Bengal Handloom Cotton Sarees. In this collection the plain body sarees or the one with dots and motifs along with zari work on the borders and pallu is a largely popular version. This elegant affair are perfectly suitable  for a variety of occasions from casual get-togethers to formal functions. There are Tant Sarees with checkered body and zari nakshi border or checks with zari woven lines and accompanied by a broad Zari border flanking both sides of the Sari. These delightful version sarees is preferred choice for corporate executives and also serves for casual outings and general invites. Tants cover a wide range from dark to subdued to light breezy hues. You have beautiful double colour stripes on pastels, light floral breeze versions that are very eye-catching and more subdued earthy hues plain and lightly adorned.

You can purchase pure Bengal cotton sarees online at the leading online ethnic store of Indian Silk House Agencies and the products will be dispatched within 24 working hours of placing the order. We have free shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) facility across India. We also have free shipping facility across the world

Shop the Bengal sarees online

Indian Silk House Agencies is leading ethnic online store offering exquisite designer Bengal Cotton sarees with matching blouse at amazing prices. The Online shopping store has the widest range of ethnic Indian Sarees online along with traditional Salwar Kameez and lehengas online. You can buy online unique, fancy, exclusive collection of Traditional, Wedding, bridal attire, stylish, party, trendy fashion, formal, corporate, office, daily casual saris in silk, cotton, sico, art silk georgette, chiffon, dupion, tussar, organza, crepe, gicha, jute and other fabric varieties at attractive prices only At Indian Silk House Agencies.


Before washing the Tant Saree for the first time, it should be soaked in warm water mixed with rock salt. This ensures less color bleeding in the subsequent washes. Also, with the use of Charak it becomes as good as new. To ensure longevity, only mild detergent should be used and it should not be dried in direct sunlight.