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Indian Silk House Agencies - MANGALGIRI

Mangalgiri Sarees Online

Silk sarees, over the centuries are considered to be to the epitome of grace, poise beauty and grandiose. Crafted with a lot of care, the beautiful pure silk sarees are known for being the bearers of splendid sheen, gorgeous colours, classy patterns and long shelf life. While the luster of these designer silk sarees set the mood for the most beautiful occasions, the smart ikat patterns help them serve the tone of the event thus making them a perfect fit for occasions ranging from weddings and formal get together to trendy cocktail parties and even smart office wear. It’s therefore, no wonder that Silk sarees have been enhancing the women’s beauty for over the ages. The silk sarees are still in vogue. 

However, the Indian Sarees Weavers have practical experience in creating multifaceted outlines and Indians have constantly taken pride in their stunning brocades and silks which are hand woven. Furthermore, its a basic staple of any lady's closet. India is a treasure house of Famous South Indian Silk Sarees when it comes to talking about sarees. From pochampally sarees in Andhra Pradesh to uppada silk sarees, art silk sarees to kanjivaram sarees which is the pride of the trosseau of every south indian bride, South Indian Sarees Online never fail to mesmerize us by their luxurious handwoven silk.

Mangalgiri sarees are produced by performing handicraft weaving in Mangalagiri, a town in Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Mangalgiri silk sarees, Mangalgiri cotton sarees and Mangalgiri silk cotton saris are the unique variety of sarees that are woven here in cotton and silk. Possessing the most characteristic features such like zari on the border and no woven designs on the body, Mangalagiri sarees are produced on pitlooms from combed yarn by warp and weft interlacing. Cotton yarn is boiled in water and caustic soda for a couple of hours before it is suitable for dyeing. If the yarn is to produce white colored sarees, then it is bleached before weaving, else for coloring chemical dyes are used. After dyeing, the yarn is then sun dried before it is all set for the weaving process. The fabric then undergoes the process of dyeing. The Nizam design is another characteristic of Mangalgiri sarees. While Mangalgiri sarees make pleasing summer wear, since the town is also the abode of Lord Narasimha Temple, these sarees are also used by the devotees for devotional purposes.

Mangalagiri Handloom Sarees are crisp-finish fabrics of cotton, cotton-silk or mercerized cotton, known for their heavy gold thread or Zari borders, Nizam designs and striking colour combinations. An urban agglomeration close to Vijayawada, India, it is known for the fine count quality weaves and traditional finesse till date.

Origin & History

Before the sarees came into existence, Mangalgiri was always known for its pilgrimage importance because of the famous temple of Lord Panakala Narasimha Swamy that is located in the heart of the town. It is believed that this temple has been there since Satya Yuga and below the present temple lies the erstwhile Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple wherein Yudhistira had himself installed the main idol in the temple. However, the present temple was built in 1807-09 by Raja Vasireddi Venkatadri Naidu. It is said that as per the ancient traditions, the pilgrims had to purchase a sari from the local weavers after offering obeisance to the lord, which was another way of giving a livelihood to the local weavers. Thus grew the popularity of the Mangalgiri sari.

During the Qutub Shahi Dynasty in 1593, the region had levied taxes on the handloom sarees. Due to this, most of the weavers fled from the town, which dealt a severe blow to the flourishing handloom industry of the town of Mangalgiri. This development enabled the rulers to adopt a more favourable attitude with the weavers and reduce the taxes. In short, the pillar is proof enough that the Mangalgiri handloom tradition has been a part of the town for more than five centuries.

The eye-catching appeal of the Mangalagiri handloom sarees

Heavy gold thread or zari borders, traditional Nizam designs, and simple mono-striped or multi-colour striped pallus adorn the fabric. Various motifs like leaf, mango, parrot, gold coin, add to the appeal of the cotton saree. Printing work and embroidery designs on the mangalagiri cotton sari make them more elegant. There are some features unique to a Mangalgiri Saree. The soft and comfortable all-season fabric generally does not have designs on the body. It also is known for not having gaps in its weave. There is a missing thread variety of saree not commonly found.

Count is an indication of the fineness of a saree, based on the threads per square inch in warp and weft. Counts range from 40 (coarse) to 120 (super fine), with the normal count of 80 – 80 being used for soft woven fabric.

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