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Kantha Stitch


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Indian Silk House Agencies - KANTHASTITCH

Kantha Embroidery

Kantha is a popular embroidery from West Bengal which significantly displays the skill and talent of the rural women of Bengal. Kantha is derived from the word “throat”, which is associated with Lord Shiva. The story revolves around how Lord Shiva Lord consumed poison while stirring the ocean up. Therefore the significance of this word goes all the way back to the Vedic times. Kantha, is basically running stitch, and is very simple.

Earlier this embroidery was used for quilts, dhotis and sarees. However, it has evolved over a period of time and has made its way straight into the hearts of Indian fashion. The yarn is taken from the borders of old sarees. The designs are traced over it and finally covered with stitches. These days, this kind of embroidery is found on shawls, pillow covers, dupattas as well as home furnishings.

Origin and history

Kantha is perhaps the oldest form of embroidery and it can be traced back to the first and second AD. The thought behind this needlework was to reuse old clothes and materials and turn them into something new. This is what makes kantha embroidery one of its kind.

The Kantha embroidery is exactly 500 years old. In fact, mythology has it that, Lord Buddha and his disciples used old rags with different kinds of patch work to cover themselves at night, which gave Kantha embroidery its origin. Earlier women would take 4 or 5  sarees to layear them together and create different running stitches on them to make balnkets for children. However, what started as a way to make life more comfortable went on to become a big trend in clothes and furniture as well.

Sources of Inspiration

Everyday life was the biggest source of inspiration behind this craft. The motifs designed on clothes or bed spreads were of birds, animals, folk scenes, fishes and imagery that depicted different views of livelihood for the people living in Bengal. Since reclycled their old clothes and turned them into something more practical like covers for furniture or blankets. Economical, practical and yet beautiful is what Kantha Embroidery is all about.

Based on the use of the fabric, Kantha is divided into seven different types, of which Lep Kantha and Sujani Kantha are famous. Kantha is a way of life; a tradition that is still followed meticulously. kanthas are prepared for small babies to lie on, wedding kanthas are made by mothers and gifted to their daugthers and kantha is present on the ceremonial cloth meant for funeral rites.

Present Day Scenario

Traditional Kantha embroidery has taken the fashion world by storm. Modern fashion designers have displayed beautiful ensembles of Kantha Work, along with other Indian traditional embroideries in various fashion shows. She took the traditional Kantha embroidery and gave a unique twist to it by including Kantha embroidery on dhotis, kurtas, sherwanis, etc.

Global Wearability

The demand for this type of embroidery is not limited to India alone, but designers in UK and Japan have also reached out to local sellers and have used this embroidery in their designs as well. Kantha work is famous worldwide and Indian designers who use this embroidery to promote originality in their style helps make Kantha work accessible and more so likeable by many.

Kantha work has been around for centuries and still makes Indian fashion go around. With the current development in its technique and the different flavors of style that it brings to the table, kantha embroidery has become a favorite form of stitch work with designers across the globe.

Step Up in Style & Buy Kantha Work Sarees Online

However, thinking of  Kantha Work sarees online, the soft, striking floral patterns comes to the minds first. Kantha is one of the most interesting embroideries of India. Modern Inidan designers across the globe use this embroidery for it unique style designs. The most fascinating thing about this embroidery is that it depicts the wide imagination of the artisans in the form of Kantha stitch designs.

Traditional Kantha work sarees are still well-known for depicting important moments of a women’s life as well. Some of the rarest geometrical designs can be found in these sarees. Kantha work is most popularly done on tussar silk. A lot of symbols of Kantha saree online are borrowed from primitive art. Therefore, you will see a splashing of the tree of life, a cosmos or even a bright sun on these sarees. The positive pattern of these sarees has also made them popular for religious ceremonies. One can also find stories from the Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana being presented in the form of Kantha stitch that makes this art form highly fascinating.

Make a smart choice, buy kantha work sarees online. There is a high range of collection to choose from at the online ethnic store of Indian Silk House Agencies and it also offers the best custom tailoring online. Kantha work sarees have an appealing look that has impressed one and all. Kantha work handbags are also popular among the young and old alike. Kantha handbags are large sling bags embroidered in bright colors. This type of hand embroidery is traditionally followed in the state of West Bengal. The region is also popular for many forms of printing such as Batik printing and wooden block printing.


It is very easy to maintain the quality of Kantha blanket or traditional Kantha sarees. Normal hand or machine wash would be appropriate enough to not ruin the longevity of the fabric or embroidery.