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Indian Silk House Agencies - BANDHEJ

We are all aware that Indian art does not require any canvas or paint to display its charm and beauty. The colours which are required for dyeing the fabrics, the artisans use those colours which are available in abundance in the nature from vegetables, flowers, fruits and leaves or even some times from a few stones. One of the most ancient art practised in India is the tie and dye technique of Bandhej Silk Sarees from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Bandhani Sarees were made in places in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Bhilwara and Ajmer and Jamnagar in Gujarat and hence the name Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees. These Saris are considered to be one of the most exquisite and royal sarees, and the art of making Bandhej Sarees flourished even duringh the era of Alexander the Great. The Bandhej Silk Saree was considered to be a staple wear in royal weddings and this has been mentioned in Banabhatta's book Harshacharita.

The word bandhani or bandhej has been borrowed from the Sanskrit term 'bandhan' which means to tie. The Bandhej Silk Sarees History is just as interesting as the way of making them. The production of Handwoven Bandhej Silk Sarees was pioneered by the Muslim Khatri community residing in Gujarat which was about 5000 years ago and then slowly  spread to parts of Rajasthan and other parts of India. Handicraft Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees Online are centuries old and and these sarees were believed to be auspicious in a marriage ceremony because such Sarees are supposed to foster a bright future for the brides. Different kinds of communities in Rajasthan have followed the tradition since ages, of tying turbans which have various patterns of bandhani designs on their heads. These bandhani turbans were used to recognize which specific community the person belongs to. Other than turbans, many apparels such as odhnis and sarees have been made bearing Bandhani Designs. In the bygone days, the colouring dyes were not artificially made but were, extracted from the roots, flowers, and leaves of plants and berries.

The technique of making Bandhani Sarees Online is quite ancient though it has evolved over time with Bandhej Sarees Online Shopping. The steps involved in making The Sari are made by taking a plain fabric for the saree and dyeing it and then tie the whole saree into tiny knots with the help of strings or plastic cups throughout the length. The Saree is then dipped into the chosen dye. Most of the times, multiple shades are preferred in Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees. The fabric is then treated and when it the saree is dry, the knots are opened revealing a beautiful pattern which make the Bandhej Silk Saree appear unique and enhances its appeal.

The silk fabric which is to be dyed is first outlined using colours which are transient. After placing a transparent plastic sheet having pin holes over the area of the fabric on which it has been spread, the colours used transfer an impression of the chosen pattern onto the fabric. The Bandhani Saree Weavers then pull on a very small part of the fabric where an impression of a hole is made and a thread is wound tightly around the pulled cloth to form knots or bhindis. After tying the bandhani knots the Silk fabric is completely washed to remove the impressions. The cloth is then rinsed thoroughly, then dried and again dyed for a darker colour. The fabric is then left for three to four hours to soak the colour. All along the process, the knot which is tied acts as a resistant for the dye. The tied part remains undyed. After the cloth is completely dyed and washed, the fabric is sometimes starched. The dried fabric is the pulled in a way such that the strings open the knots in revealing the pattern as we go. The resultant fabric is a beautiful Bandhani Saree Design with different coloured dots forming a pattern.

This season do Bandhani Sarees Shopping for Wedding for brides and their bridesmaids, Also, one can coordinate their look with Maharani themes in festivals only with Popular Bandhej Silk Sarees. The fabric which is got after tying and dyeing has a kaleidoscopic effect producing concentric designs and lines, hence creating a very distinct beautiful effect. The colours and the methods used in the whole process vary in different regions and thus, each technique is responsible for a different look and design.

The patterns produced in the Handwoven Jaipuri Bandhej Saree, look like small dots. A single knot pattern in a Bandhani Saree Online is called ekdali, while a pattern with three and four knots are called Trikunti and Chaubandi,respectively. The basic designs in Bandhej Silk Sarees combine to form truly mesmerising designs such as dungar shahi meaning mountain, boond having a small dot in the centre, kodi meaning teardrop and lastly the laddu jalebi which has swirls. Other patterns popular in Rajasthan worn during Teej and Raksha Bandhan, include leheriya, shikari and mothra. The patterns in a Famous Bandhej Silk Saree can sometimes be all over the fabric or arranged symetrically in pallu, near the border or even in the area of the skirt.

The colours which are used to traditionally dye Ethnic Bandhani Sarees are indigo, red, pink, green and yellow and every place has distinct colour variations. The patterns in the Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees online come in a variety of bright hues, which go well with the colours generally worn and coordinate with the culture and fashion of the state. For example, in Gujarat, warmer colours are more welcome with the colour palettes ranging from yellows to sunset oranges.

Although, nowadays Bandhani Sarees Weavers are becoming limited beacuse women generally Buy Bandhej Silk Sarees Online. The modern Bandhani Sarees Export follow the attactive designs which are simply printed on them using various other fabrics. While those sarees would be comparatively cheaper, they will not be Authentic Bandhani Sarees. Purchase Bandhej Silk Sarees Online with the Bandhani Sarees Online Price ranging from anywhere between 2000 INR to 12000 INR from Indian Silk House Agencies and it promises to deliver you Ethnic Bandhej Sarees with Worldwide Shipping in countries such as even Bandhani Sarees Dubai and Bandhej Sarees US.

Of all the fabrics used, silk is the most preferred choice and also the most  perfect fabric for Bandhani SareesCotton Sarees are frequently used as a material for Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees Online as the weather in Rajasthan is quite hot. Moreover, the cotton fabric is easier to dye with the vibrant colours which are often visible in these saris. Chiffon Bandhej Sarees also have become quite popular among young women nowadays, as the busy patterns in bandhej designs go really well with the breezy and thin fabric. Sometimes Georgette Sarees and satin ones  are also widely used as fabrics, to make costlier and high-end varieties of Bandhani Sarees.

Whereas the Traditional Saris which are produced by the rural artisans have an unparalleled ethnic charm of their own, there have been also more contemporary and modern varieties which might the young women of today may prefer more. For example, Designer Bandhani Sarees in New Arrivals by Indian Silk House Agencies not only utilise some expert techniques but also incorporate in their sales, more contemporary patterns, fabrics and designs. Thus, while a Traditional Bandhani Saree for Grandmothers and Mothers comes with minimum to no additional decorations, heavily relying upon the traditional dynamic art and colours of the fabric to bring out its own colourful pattern, Designer Bandhej Sarees for Wives, Sisters and Friends might come adorned with zari, with studded stones, sequins, mirrorwork and applique or Resham work and sometimes also with borders with patches and aari designs.

A bandhani Saree can be styled depending upon the fabric of the sari and also the occasion in which it is being worn. Traditional Bandhej Sarees are highly popular during festivals, especially during festivals like Navratri or Dandiya which is mostly associated with all-night music and dance and is widely celebrated in the western parts of India. Chunky Indian jewellery such as oxidized necklaces or Pearl Necklaces, vibrant and colourful bangles with silver antique earrings and bangles are preffered with Bandhej  Silk  Sarees OnlineBandhani Silk Sarees for high-end parties and occasions like weddings are mostly made up of luxurious Silk fabric. Since obtaining an authentic bandhani silk saree from a bazaar is difficult, one can easily Buy Bandhej Silk Saris Online from Indian Silk House Agencies as well as some Fashion Jewellery such as kundan necklaces and anklets too.

Bandhani Sarees Online Shopping can be done in traditional colours of green, red, yellow, blue and pink , orange and maroon. The red colour in  Bandhej Silk Sarees is reserved for married women or brides while the yellow colour is preferred for the new mothers.

Indian Silk House Agencies is home to an exotic collection of Jaipuri Bandhej sarees brought from the finest weaves all over the country. Bandhej Saris Online Shopping comes with great prices, discounts, along with awesome delivery experience.