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Sky Blue Banarasi Silk Zari Woven Patli

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Indian Silk House Agencies - BANARASI

The Saree is the most common, oldest and the most elegant form of clothing in India, which is enriched with its own set of great stories, history and cultural significance.  The Handwoven Traditional Sari was born into existence hundreds of years ago and has changed a lot since then. The Sari evolved tremendously in the bygone centuries by getting influenced by different kinds of regions and cultures. One of the most interesting thing that keeps our attention hooked is the hundreds of kinds of sarees, whetherHandwoven Sarees or Designer Sarees. The saree is a form of clothing which was considered to be the purest form of any kind of clothing because of its characteristic of being unstitched. The Traditional Saree Online, handwoven saree or even Designer Sari comes in many kinds and also depends on the way how you drape it.

Banarasi Silk Sarees have been an integral part of every North Indian brides trousseau since time immemorial. Varanasi, being one of the oldest places in the world has had a pivotal role in producing the best Handloom Banarasi Sari and caters to the persistent demand for even international cutomers of Banarasi Saris Online US, CanadaDubai,etc. Whenever there is a mention of ethnic bridal wear, this Handwoven Traditional Saree is the first attire that comes to our mind. Nowadays, with a plethora of options available in Handwoven Traditional Saris, with cutwork, or embroidered, or Tissue Sarees or even a Designer Banarasi Silk Saree Online, makes this Popular Banarasi Silk Saree an indispensable part of any bridal trousseau.

The Banarasi Silk Saree History is very engaging. Banarasi Silk Sarees, hailing from the city of temples, Varanasi, which are handwoven, depict the rich cultural history of India. Earlier this Sari was reserved only for the royalty therefore each Banarasi Silk Sari was crafted from original gold and silver threads, taking sometimes more than a year to make. The Best Banarasi Sarees are handwoven by skilled Banarasi Saree Weavers of the holy city and decorated with motifs such as resham butis and brocade.

Varanasi being one of the oldest cities in India has the fame of being the hub of ethnicity in the history of our country. It is believed that, in the medieval period, a lot of skilled Banarasi Silk Saree Weavers accompanied by the Mughals migrated from West Asia to India and settled in this city. The merging of designs from the two different communities of Muslims and Hindus helped make Varanasi a city with rich cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This made Banaras an exceptional hub of silk weaving and help it Export Banarasi Silk Sarees Online having intricate designs in gold and silver threads which in no time turned to be their talent.

Sari weaving in Varanasi is believed to be a family tradition and is the only source of income for most of the families even during this time. Family members pass on the art of weaving banarasi sarees by previous generations as heirlooms and these weavers are experts in weaving the intricately styled motifs onto the saris. The silk which they use is most of the times brought from Bangalore and other states from the southern part of the country.

A special characteristic of a Famous Handicraft Banarasi Silk Sari Online is the intricate detailing of floral and foliate patterns. The motifs in Banarasi Silk Sarees Worldwide Shipping are inspired from Mughal-inspired designs like bel, kalga, jasmine, emeralds, jhaalar,betel nut leaf and mango, mina work. Since the Muslim Banarasi Sari Weavers did not believe in weaving any figurines beacuse it was against their Islamic culture, hence there is a proliferation of motifs pertaining to more of floral designs and paisleys on Ethnic Banarasi Sarees Online.

This Famous Traditional Saree is comparatively heavier than the other Designer Silk Sarees. The intricate motifs are also responsible for the finesse, royalty and costly nature of these Handicraft SareesBanarasi Sari Online Shopping has become more popular and are sometimes even accompanied by Banarasi Sari Worldwide Free Shipping by Indian Silk House Agencies.  This is also one of the reasons that makes these sarees an appropriate and the favourite clothing of all women such as Wedding Banarasi Sarees orFestivals.

Broadly speaking, Banarasi Sarees Online can be divided into four types, which include Pure Silk or katan saree, organza or kora silk saree with zari and Georgette saree and Shattir.

Here are some Banarasi Silk Saree Designs  are available in Indian Silk House Agencies Store:

        Katan sari/pure silk saris- Katan sarees are made from a plain fabric which is again intertwined with threads of pure silk and then twisted to make pure silk saris.This kind of saris were earlier made with the help of handlooms but are now more cheaply and quickly made with the help of powerlooms and rapid looms.

       Kora silk saris- Kora silk sarees are among the most beautiful and one of the most richly woven fabrics in which the threads of silver are polished with gold and then they are woven closely around a yarn of silk to produce a zari brocade.

        Brocade Banarasi Saris- Brocade is a very laborious task where the patterns and designs in the Traditional Saris Online are made using the technique of warp and weft. In the case of brocade sarees, the fabric of the saree is woven by pushing the thread between the warp. In normally all fabrics, the thread usually passes over and then under the warp. But a zari brocade saree is one where the gold and silver threads are used along with other kinds of threads. Though it should be kept in mind that the gold threads are actually silver threads which are coated with gold polishing, until and unless you really are buying a saree which is made up of real gold!

You can Purchase Traditional Saris Sarees Online from Indian Silk House Agencies and there are other kinds too like

        Jangala- The name of the Jangla Banarasi Saree is derived from the unusual pattern of design which differentiates it from other Kinds Banarasi Sarees. These saris are woven with the help of colourful silk threads. The saris have intricate patterns resembling the motif of Jangala vegetation that scroll and spread across the whole length of the saree. Among all the brocade sarees, these sarees are believed to be the oldest ones. Because of their unique designs and intricate pattern work along with very luxurious fabric, makes the sari an apt clothing for all ages for wedding ceremonies .

        Tanchoi Traditional Sarees- Earlier, banarasi sari weavers used to weave motifs on these sarees with the help of colourful weft silk yarns. The pallu of Tanchoi Sari is most of the time designed with large patterns of paisleys while the border of the saree is exemplified by criss-cross patterns. Inspired from Mughal architecture and paintings, paisleys taken from Jamewar labyrinth work are woven by zari which adds worth to the Jamewar Saree making it desirable for wedding ceremonies.

       Tissue Sarees- This kind of Silk Saree is a delicately woven along with golden zari weft so as to add gossamer shine to them and hence it is also sometimes called as the golden cloth. The border and pallu of the tissue saree are designed with patterns of paisleys which are self-woven.

        Bootidar Banarasi Sari- The special feature of this Famous Traditional Sareelies in the fact that it is woven with rich silk yarn and the brocade work is done with threads of gold and silver. As the colour of gold threads is darker in shade in comparison with the silver ones, hence, the weavers hailing from Banaras call this type of brocade designing as Ganga Jamuna. Some of the most famous and common motifs include the Angoor Bel, Jhummar Booti, Ashraffi Booti,Baluchar Booti, Jhari Booti, Patti Booti and Resham Booti etc.

The online website www.indiansilkhouseagencies.com  houses the most Famous Types of Banarasi Saree Online in pure silk, chiffon, georgette, jacquard, organza, meenakari, shatir, Net Sarees and zardozi. The genuine Handwoven Banarasi Silk Sarees are usually done by the weavers in silk with embroidery or gold or silver brocade work. The making of Best Banarasi Sarees typically takes around close to 15 days and sometimes may drag onto six months. These traditional silk sarees online are woven by a minimum of three weavers, depending upon the intricacy of the patterns and detatiling. The luxurious and intricate embroidery on the pallu of the Banarasi saree gives it the opulent status it deserves. The first weaver is responsible for making the basic texture of the fabric of Banarasi Silk Saree on the handloom, the second one makes colourful intricate sketches and the third imitates those sketches with different threads on the saree.

The exquisite gold and meena work lend the Banarasi saree its magnificence and the sequins and the buttas add the characteristic heaviness. So, why wait? Buy The Best Banarasi Sarees Online only at www.indiansilkhouseagencies.com.