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Indian Silk House Agencies - BALUCHARI

Humans have always gained inspiration from images deeming them to be visual references. Ever since the time early men lived in caves, there has been a primal desire for human beings to depict their surroundings and describe the stories of their life experiences and this has henceforth driven us to convert all these images into more tangible forms. With the arrival of photography, the age-old techniques of keeping the images preserved are being modernised, but still there are art forms like weaving of Baluchari Silk Sarees online, which have made the admirers of art and sarees swoon upon the painstakingly planned arrangement of warp and wefts. This form of art depicts scenes and tales from religious epics, mythologies and courtly ceremonies as delicate patterns on a swath of silk fabric. The Baluchari Silk Sarees of Bishnupur showcase the motivation which has propelled the weavers of Baluchar since centuries to tell the long-lost tales through the Handicraft Bengal Silk Sarees.

The state of Bengal is well-known for its excellent craftsmanship and artistic specimens. The handmade products of even the rural artists bear the value of high artistic impressions. Similarly the Pure Silk Handwoven Sarees have created their own international identity because of the distinctive designs and workmanship of the weavers of Bengal. The Handwoven Baluchari Sarees of Bengal occupy a unique status even in the time of modern fashion. The differences in design, colour fusion and the weaving pattern of the Famous Bengal Silk Sarees like the DhaniakhaliTussar SareeTangail, Tant Sarees and last but not the least, the distinctly Popular Baluchari Silk Saree. There are many villages that still exist in West Bengal which are known for their traditional weaving, such as Shantipur in the district of Nadia, Begumpur in Hooghly district and Kenje- Kura in the district of Bankura. Centuries earlier, these villages were famous for being the weaver's heaven in Bengal. The Baluchari Silk Saris Online are worshipped all over the world for their unique designs which depict ancient stories on the borders and pallus of the saris. Sometimes the Baluchari Silk Saris Weavers also revive the themes from vedic as well as ancient times.

Famous all over India for its unique threadwork and craftsmanship, Baluchari Silk saris are the most famous Bengal Silk Sarees. Although fashion has evolved much, Bengal Silk Sarees Online still regain the same enviable status in modern fashion. These Saris are mostly famous because of the depiction of Indian mythology and stories which are quite artistically drawn in the borders and pallus of the saree. The Ethnic Baluchari Silk Sari belonging to the small town of Bishnupur, are an instance of India's rich and complex history. Because of its heritage, These Sarees have been geographically marked and tagged by the Indian government. Earlier prepared in the district of Murshidabad, these Pure Silk Sarees Online Price are widely famous for the depiction of ancient religious and social texts.

A flag bearer of Bengals history and culture worldwide these saris are not only popular as Handloom Sarees worn on casual occasions but are equally popular head turners in parties. You can check out similar casual and party sarees here at https://www.indiansilkhouseagencies.com/sarees/casual and https://www.indiansilkhouseagencies.com/sarees/party . The starting prices of these Baluchari Saree Price are 7000 to 8000. While some of the Baluchari sarees come with blouse pieces for others one can customize a designer blouse at Indian Silk House V-Cut Blouse boutique.

The baluchari Silk Saree History is very much engaging as it dates back to two centuries ago in the 18th century during the reign of Nawab Murshidkuli Khan although the Baluchari weave was brought into focus much after the Muslin cloth. Murshidkuli Khan happened to be the Nawab of Bengal during the 18th century, who had a very deeply rooted sense of artistic craftsmanship and showed great interest and concern to bring up the special products of the villages Bengal into the bigger arena. He had a distinct knack for the creative interests of the rural people and the traditional crafts during his regime.

The Baluchari Silk Sarees were born in a very small village bearing its namesake, Baluchar in the banks of the river Bhagirathi, a tributary of Ganga in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal. The epithet Baluchari itself means a sandy river bank. The river of Bhagirathi was the main source of navigation and waterway for the transportation of different products from one stretch of Bengal to another in between that period. There was a remarkable change in topography on both the banks of the Bhagirathi River. The rural cottage industries and crafts of the undivided Bengal of that time, suffered a setback. The lack of knowledge about the unique arts and handicrafts of Bengal and many other intricate crafts on the part of the British rulers produced a threat to the existence of this small-time artistic imagination of rural Bengal.

The artisans responsible for creating the handicrafts were compelled to move over to some other means of livelihood. Similarly Baluchari Handwoven Silk Sarees were also at the threshold of being removed from their existence. It is believed that a very famous artist of during that time, named Subho Thakur undertook the job that he will bring to life the dying tradition of making Baluchari crafts, which was already at the threshold of being wiped out completely. The artist, Subho Thakur met with a Baluchari saree weaver named Akshay Kumar Das of the town, Bishnupur, which is now in Bankura district, and gave him an invitation to come to his centre.This incident made the industry of Baluchari Silk Sarees Export to move from Murshidabad to Bishnupur in the Bankura district of West Bengal. The industry flourished again but the East India Company had dealt major blows to the industry of Pure Silk Sarees Export.

Bishnupur bore witness to the making of Baluchari Silk Sarees again during the reign of the Malla dynasty, under the expert eye of Subho Thakur who was himself a famous artist who helped to cultivate the craft of weaving these Designer Bengal Silk Sarees. Bishnupur being the capital of the Malla dynasty during that time, the art of making these Baluchari Silk Sarees Online bloomed in the place thereafter. The Malla dynasty was a pioneer in making temples which were made using terracota bricks. This impressive achievement of the Malla rulers is also depicted in the borders and pallus of the Designer Baluchari Sarees. Subho Thakur was also the one who entirely changed the weaving technique of Swarnachuri Sarees Online and replaced the traditional jala looms which took longer time with the jacquard weaving technique where the time taken was considerably reduced.

These intricately Handcrafted Baluchari Silk Sarees come in three kinds 

        First is the baluchari Silk Sarees where only one or two coloured threads are used to weave the whole pattern.

        The Baluchari Silk Saree sometimes also bears the meenakari work amidst the silk threadwork.

        The Swarnachuri saree, also known as the Baluchari Silk Saree woven in gold, is interspersed with gold and silver threads which illuminate the pattern even more.

The intricate designs in these Bengal Silk Sarees Online mostly depict mythological stories which are similar to that of the figurines which are regularly found engraved in the temples of Bishnupur and Bankura districts of West Bengal. The Designer Baluchari Silk Sarees are mainly differentiated from their elaborately designed borders and equally fabulous pallus. The borders of the Saris are ornamental and surrounded by Kalka motifs and also within them. A series of artistic figurines are designed in rows and the motifs are woven in a diagonal manner. Almost everytime, the motif patterns are found in four different colours on a shaded background. The colours which are mostly popular in Baluchari Saree Designs are RedWhite, Blue, yellow and green. Previously these motifs in the sarees were woven on the zari made of silver, which has now been taken over by various gossamer threads. These Pure Silk Sarees Theme remains entrenched in depicting mythological stories and tales from folklores on the pallus of the saris. Some of Baluchari Saree Designs include tales borrowed from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Buy Baluchari Silk Sarees whose motifs are scattered with bunches of flowers, animals,scenes borrowed from architecture, women riding horses with holding roses in their hands, pleasure boats, scenes of palace courts from the Muslim era and women smoking hookah etc.

The process of making intricate designs on the pallu and the border of this Pure Silk Sari, is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job. The chosen design is traced on a graph paper and then duly coloured and punched using cards. These cards are afterwards sewed according to the design and fixed in the jacquard machine.

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