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Indian Silk House Agencies - BOMKAI

Bomkai Silk

Silk sarees, over the centuries are considered to be to the epitome of grace, poise beauty and grandiose. Crafted with a lot of care, the beautiful pure silk sarees are known for being the bearers of splendid sheen, gorgeous colours, classy patterns and long shelf life. While the luster of these designer silk sarees set the mood for the most beautiful occasions, the smart ikat patterns help them serve the tone of the event thus making them a perfect fit for occasions ranging from weddings and formal get together to trendy cocktail parties and even smart office wear. Its therefore, no wonder that Silk sarees have been enhancing the womens beauty for over the ages. The silk sarees are still in vogue.  

However, the Indian Sarees Weavers have practical experience in creating multifaceted outlines and Indians have constantly taken pride in their stunning brocades and silks which are hand woven. Furthermore, its a basic staple of any lady's closet. India is a treasure house of Famous South Indian Silk Sarees when it comes to talking about sarees. From pochampally sarees in Andhra Pradesh to uppada silk sarees, art silk sarees to kanjivaram sarees which is the pride of the trosseau of every south indian bride, South Indian Sarees Online never fail to mesmerize us by their luxurious handwoven silk.

Traditional Bomkai Silk sarees, also known as Sonepuri  saree is however,  a uniquely woven saree, which hails from the western part of Orissa. In the traditional weaving technique of these sarees, low –count cotton yarn was used, which essentially is coarse, heavy and is dyed in bright colours. Bomkai Silk sarees, available both in cotton and silk fabrics are extremely popular with the fashion designers. They also have global acceptance. These sarees traditionally have got its name from the village of Bomkai since 1980s.This saree was considered to be a royal staple and was also famous among the people of the upper class.

Bomkai Silk Sarees Online Shopping takes inspiration from Indian Culture and is definitely a takeaway from Orissa. Amongst the various Silk Specialities, Bomkai dares to be different in terms of designs. Most of the motifs and designs depict mythology and well-kept secrets of the past, inspired by folklores that spring from the roots of the Orissa culture. However, nature has also has a great influence on the designs of the Bomkai Sarees Bomkai which definitely can’t be missed!


The designs like karela (bitter gourd), the atasi flower, the kanthi phul (small flower), macchi (fly), rui macchi (carp-fish), koincha (tortoise), padma (lotus), mayura (peacock), and charai (bird) on the Bomkai Silk sarees online, composed in the most outlandish of concepts string together motifs from offerings of the environment including A significant part of the finishing in Bomkai sarees can be attributed to the borders or pallavs. Some of the sarees feature border motifs that are inspired by tribal art. A few examples include, Mitkta Panjia, Kumbha, Rudraksha and Floral.


Since traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees are famous for its contrasting colour effect,  Buy Bomkai Silk Sarees online in shades of yellow and beige or golden yellow and maroon or Pink and navy Blue during the most important Indian festivals.  Sometimes, the pallu of these sarees also appear in double shades, thereby reflecting the royal luster. Lattice work, which creates small diamond-like shapes, can also be commonly found on the border of a Bomkai saree.

The Making Process

The popular jala-technique was used in the making of the Handwoven Bomkai Silk Sarees Online Shopping . Woven with a low count of Cotton yarn, Bomkai saree is a weaving industry which makes use of both the weft and warp techniques, these sarees have a touch of the highly acclaimed Orissa artform. This being the main occupation of the people of the Chikiti tehsil, Bomkai gets its name from the Bomkai village of Orissa.

From dyeing to dressing the loom to weaving, these are main steps in manufacturing of Bomkai. Materials used include pit loom, dye vats, thread, cotton/silk or dyes. While Orissa still makes use of the Jaala technique for creating certain unique pieces of Bomkai sarees, retaining the original flavor of the craft, the industry has not been able to escape the influence of modern day mechanization. However, the changing face of the industry does not, in any way, interfere in the love that people instill into the hand oven Bomkai Silk Sarees online.


It’s the creativity and the love of the people for Bomkai, sparks innumerable concepts within the domain of Bomkai industries. Innumerable varieties of Bomkai have been introduced till date by people belonging to the Southern parts of Orissa. Some of the most popular ones though include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Barpali, and Bapta saris.


One of the most interesting innovations in the history of Bomkai was the introduction of zari thread work in its weaving. Angular discontinuance that stuck to creating traditional motifs on the palllu make use of a new base now in the form of shimmering zari. In that way, the Bomkai manages to sell old wine in a new bottle successfully, not compromising on the likes and dislikes of the industry.

These sarees are largely worn by the Kathak dancers of Orissa. And this is one of the major attractions in the world fairs.

Silk Sarees Online are even great for festive and formal wear. Also buy designer Bomkai Silk Sarees Online for festivals and weddings. Dress well and look presentable among friends and relatives. Ladies, if you prefer wearing formal shirts and trousers or salwar suits or even kurtis and palazzos to work, we are going to add one more to your ethnic wear list, and yeah those are Handwoven Silk Sarees Online.

Supported with traditional weaving strategy, these Silk Sarees are a genuine image of eminence. Each lady needs to possess an arrangement of these antique Saris for that effortless swag. The sarees snatch the eyeballs with their particular wide difference fringes and a scope of checks, stripes and flower outlines on them. Be it basic border Silk sarees or those with gold zari silk dabs and examples, the Bomkai Silk Saree Online keeps on holding pride of place among the different silk saree assortments accessible in the nation. The enchanting plenty of ruddy tones to metallic shades are impeccably ideal for each event and season.

For the lady of the hour- Don this customary weave for that great look and old world appeal. In spite of the fact that a Handwoven Bomkai Silk Saree is an absolute necessity for the Indian ladies, you also can jettison those substantial lehengas for this magnificence. One can either wear it with the blouse of similar shading or that designer blouse to include that oomph figure. Likewise, with those conventional chokers, midsection belt, kunjalam and the armlet you will be a goddamn queen.

The styling for a Bomkai wedding silk saree is vital; it can either splendidly improve the look or totally destroy the saree. The most ideal approach to adorn any Sari, regardless of what it is made of, is to combine it with high heeled shoes as these either make or break the general fall and beauty of the Saree and add such a great amount to the look. Flat heeled shoes should be maintained at a distance from when you're wearing a Bomkai Silk Saree Online as the impact won’t be as exquisite as it would in the event that you were wearing stilettos or whatever other heeled shoe. A decent tip is to select metallic heels with a gold sparkle to off-set the wonderful gold sheen of the Saris.

Regarding the adornments, certain great pieces are favored. Fashion jewellery is absolutely an unquestionable requirement with regards to Indian ethnic wear. Nonetheless, these days, famous people have been seen exploring different avenues regarding western adornments sets too, which adds a specific edge to the look of a Bomakai Saree Online.

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