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Indian Jewellery is not just a way to enhance Indian beauty. It is a reflection of age-old Indian culture and tradition. Earlier the jewellery designs were influenced from nature. In fact historical paintings reveal that our ancestors turned to natural elements such as flowers, leaves, vines for their fashion needs, during the ancient times. Not only natural elements, diverse cultures, thoughts and artistry in India make the Indian jewellery really unique.

With the introduction of precious metals and gems by the Indian royalty, the craft of jewellery making evolved over the ages. Their love for precious stones and metals gave us some of the most-loved jewellery designs of all times. Kundan Jewellery and Meenakari jewellery are the most famous styles that flourished during the Mughal period. Jewellery designs, since ancient times have been adapted in India to suit the modern needs. But they have not lost the essence of the traditional craft and designs.

Kundan jewellery was originally expensive; however, this style gave rise to the trend of imitation or fashion jewellery. This gives you the same style and finishing in a more pocket-friendly manner.

Gold and Silver jewellery is also an integral part of Indian culture. In fact, buying and wearing gold and silver jewellery during festivals is considered auspicious as well as a symbol of prosperity. Fold jewellery may be ethnic in style, but they are not confined to go with ethnic wear. However, modern Indian fashion jewellery designs can be paired with both traditional and modern outfits. You can flaunt your gold jewelleries with modern outfits like dresses, gowns, jeans-top, etc.

Jewellery holds a special place in the life of a married woman.

The modern women have to regularly step out of their house, and they prefer wearing fashion jewelleries in sleek designs, which has replaced the traditional jewellery. These days, however, the designers are working extensively to create traditional jewellery in a fashionable way. With this trend the designers seek inspiration from the various cultures across the world.

With this globalization the use of diamonds in Indian Jewellery has also gained popularity. With the growing fondness for these precious jewelleries in India, designers are using diamonds with gold to make exquisite designs that bring about a keen sense of fashion and fine craftsmanship.

Although the jewellery market in India has undergone several changes, with the presence of many online jewellery stores, it becomes easy to find the most preferable jewel for large collection without sweating it out. Nowadays, you have access to the best of jewellery designs from all around the world with e stores bringing you the best of the world.

Buy Indian Jewelry Online

From light-weight and fashionable Indian Jewellery to heavy and oversized fashionable jewellery you will find everything at Indian Silk House Agencies to fall in love with. The light-weight and fashionable necklaces online, which have gained much popularity in the fashion runways, include chokers and other statement pieces calls for practicality and minimalism. From pairing up these with your silk sarees to accessorizing them with just relaxed denims, these are a favorite among all.

Studs and ear cuffs online are back and how! Replacing the gaudy yesteryear jewellery, versatility is what they offer most among others. But still if you are a fan of oversized earrings these can be a favourite too among the ladies, as they go well with improvised necklines and white ensembles. Asymmetry with jewellery is the trend now and one needs to be creative while making a minimalist statement.

Therefore, at the online store of Indian Silk House Agencies, women will find a truly astounding collection of Indian jewelry online. Browse classic Indian jewelry sets like Kundan, Polki, Thewa and Pota, or stick with the trendy artificial jewelry choices. Our expert craftsmen work with plastic, wood, clay as well as precious metals and stones, to create an array of stylish pieces for every occasion. There is no limit to the Indian jewellery designs women can shop for on our website. Moreover, we also offer home delivery to international locations, fantastic discounts and a user-friendly payment portal. For a breezy, hassle-free experience shopping for Indian jewellery online, Indian Silk House Agencies is the right destination.

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